The Vicpole Way – Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

A pole is not always a pole. At Vicpole we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Vicpole’s family owned facility in Bayswater Victoria has a complete section dedicated to ensuring the poles are finished to the client’s expectations. Our gal clean up area ensures every pole is appropriately “dressed” before painting or (if it’s a galvanised only finish) at the very least, sanded to ensure there are no obvious galvanising imperfections prior to wrapping.

Sanding poles

Poles are then meticulously wrapped prior to shipment. Unique wrapping, specially designed for Vicpole, is used on every pole.

Pole being wrapped


Knowledge and Experience

Whether it’s a standard streetlight pole or a state of the art column designed for specific use, Vicpole has the know-how and flexibility to assist you in taking the pole design from concept to completion.

Tram line extension



Special double insulated tram line outreach arms combined with decorative columns.




Pole with logo provision




Laser cut logo welded to column. Suitable for streetscapes, shopping centres and residential developments.





Coastal paint specification

Unique foreshore columns finished with a Coastal paint specification to minimize corrosion due to salt air environments.

Custom designed columns built to specification. Vicpole has the know-how to take your concept and bring it to life. With in-house drafting capability and unmatched technical expertise, Vicpole is at the forefront of pole design and manufacture in Australia.

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