About Vicpole


Our company history dates to 1939, trading as Vickery Engineering in Swan St Richmond, manufacturing engineered steel products. For over 60 years this family business thrived, and in 1991 the family decided to commence the manufacture of light poles, and Vicpole was born – specialising in creating decorative lighting columns, which remains our core business today.

Original Vickery Engineering location in Swan St Richmond
Current Vicpole location Jersey Road Bayswater

Moving to dedicated facilities in 1994, Vicpole settled in our current location in Bayswater. The business continued to grow as the industry supported the first Victorian based pole manufacturer. This growth generated continued innovation, including in-house pressing of pole sections, and developing pole welding techniques and purpose-built equipment.

Continued growth saw the company construct the one-of-a-kind pole-dressing section, a 2nd state-of-the-art paint booth, and most recently extending the plant to incorporate an overhead crane in the outdoor hardstand area.

Our Staff

Experience in the industry defines Vicpole, and a great number of our staff have accrued well over 15 years of service and have a vast amount of industry knowledge and expertise.

Vicpole has prospered for over 30 years and continues to offer quality pole lighting products and great customer service – it’s our Hallmark.


Vicpole is a family owned company that takes pride in offering personalised service and a long standing commitment to the Australian lighting industry.

Our local manufacturing capabilities along with a dedicated, reliable and experienced team ensure we provide an unmatched level of quality, service and support. Real people you can work with and depend on.

Vicpole offers a complete one-stop-shop for light poles, light fittings, street signs bollards and more.

Innovation, knowledge, experience and quality make Vicpole the supplier of choice for residential estates, shopping malls, retirement communities, commercial projects, foreshore areas and car parks.

Vicpole Galvanised Product Storage Area
Prepaint Preparation Area
Vicpole Overhead Crane