Understanding our Environmental Responsibilities

At Vicpole we understand the importance of designing, manufacturing, and distributing products with a low environmental burden.

As a result, we’re committed to good environmental practice and sustainability in manufacturing, striving to minimise any adverse effects on the environment.

All manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their practises are not detrimental to the environment, and most will have in place policies and cultures that enforce a green approach in their day-to-day activities. The following is a summary of some of the practises Vicpole currently has in place to ensure it remains an environmentally friendly manufacturer.

  • Vicpole recycles all steel and metals used in the manufacturing process.
  • Vicpole recycles all paper and cardboard via an on-site recycling skip.
  • All paint solvents, thinners and gun-wash are recycled and re-used.
  • All Candela luminaires are LED and are designed for maximum energy efficiency whilst emitting minimum levels of light pollution.
  • Vicpole provides low energy lighting design solutions and life cycle evaluations and comparisons for various lighting applications.
  • Vicpole offers a range of off-grid solar powered light poles for open-space lighting with zero carbon emissions.
  • All Vicpole paint systems are isocyanate free, and non-carcinogenic.
Vicpole invests in clean, natural energy.

Vicpole has invested heavily in rooftop solar power generation to reduce its reliance on carbon emitting energy, and to feed excess power back into the grid from clean, natural energy. Our goal is to minimise consumption through the reduction, reuse, or recycling of materials – this extends to the use of green energy where possible as part of our daily activities. Vicpole is always keen to work with the industry to achieve greener outcomes.

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