Recycling Responsibilities

Recycling Responsibilities.

All manufacturers in their own way have a responsibility to ensure their practises are not detrimental to the environment, and most will have in place policies and cultures that enforce a green approach in their day to day activities. The following is a brief summary of some of the practises Vicpole currently has in place to ensure it remains an environmentally friendly manufacturer.


  • Vicpole recycles all steel and scrap metals
  • Vicpole recycles substantial amounts of paper and cardboard via an on-site recycling skip
  • All end product is completely recyclable
  • All Candela luminaires are designed to emit very low levels of light pollution
  • Vicpole provides low energy lighting solutions and life cycle evaluations and comparisons for various lighting sources
  • Vicpole provides poles for solar energy use
  • All Vicpole paint systems are non-carcinogenic

In addition to the above, Vicpole is always keen and willing to work with the industry to achieve a greener outcome for a project.

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