Energy Efficient Street Lighting Rollouts

For what seems an eternity, we’ve been reminded of the need to eliminate non efficient street lighting, in particular the likes of the old 80W mercury vapour luminaire  – not so long ago, there were over 350,000 in Victoria alone.

Councils have responded by rolling out energy efficient street lighting programmes that will result in the replacement of old inefficient street lights, with efficient LED and compact fluorescent technology.

Aside from the obvious power consumption savings by switching over to energy efficient globes, there are other benefits. The big one is reduced greenhouse gas emissions and in the case of LED’s, substantially reduced maintenance costs.

This is encouraging progress and good news for our industry. Whilst we now have an approved “standard” LED streetlight available on all distribution networks, the next challenge/opportunity will be for all Energy Distribution Businesses to approve decorative LED street lights as many developers see decorative street lighting to be part and parcel of a well planned development.

Decorative street lighting not only compliments and enhances a development (just ask the residents), but it also provides for increased land values translating to greater Council revenues. A win all round.

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